Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Unforgettable Characters

Toad Hollow Poets at Blader's Dakota Inn: photo by Julie Eger

Dec. 9th, 2008 assignment: Write any style poem about an 'unforgettable' character you have come across in Waushara County.

On Nov. 11th, the Toad Hollow Poets met at Blader's Dakota Inn. In attendance were: Ken, Lauretta, Carl, Maxine, Barbara, and Julie. We took a few minutes to go over the Dragonfly poems that Ken will submit to ARGIA. We signed Tracks in Toad Hollow chapbooks. We read our coffee poems starting with Barbara who wrote about 'the last' cup of coffee. Julie wrote about not knowing which kind of coffee to choose, and how to make coffee when visiting Grampa's cabin. Ken wrote about how he doesn't like coffee, and a few other things. Lauretta wrote about her love/hate relationship with coffee. Carl wrote about his dad and how he used to have cornflakes in coffee for breakfast, and Maxine wrote about how she doesn't like coffee and it's stimulating effects. Nan wrote a poem but I couldn't open it on my computer so I was unable to share it with the group.

Maxine shared her poem from last time relating to a popular song: She chose the song 'Don't Fence Me In.'

We discussed being serious about putting together a Toad Hollow Chapbook - for real.

Lauretta gave an awesome presentation about William Blake, even handing out little buttons for us. She wore a T-shirt with a William Blake quote on it. Very informative and educational.

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