Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ordering Up Some Good Poetry

A & W Poetry Crew Photo by Julie Eger

Feb. 10, 2009 Suggested Poetry Assignment: Write a poem, any style, using one or both of the following prompts: "I did tremble like a guilty thing surprised," or honest poverty.

We will meet on Tues. Feb. 10 - noon to 2:00 at A&W Restaurant in Wautoma.

Jan. 13, 2009

The poets, Barbara, Nan, Lauretta, Julie, Ken, and Carl met at A & W. We read our poems about unforgettable characters. Lauretta wrote 2 poems about characters in her town, Ken wrote about a character he remembered from his past comparing him to a great cave bear and one about an Elvis impersonator. Julie wrote about Round Lake Mary, Carl wrote about himself, and Nan wrote about a minister/Nascar enthusiast. Barbara spoke about her new novel.

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