Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Busy Toads are happy Toads!

photo by Nan Gellings

The next meeting for the Toads is scheduled for May 12, 2009 (second Tuesday of the month) from 12-2 at the Mt. Morris Park. Bring your own lunch.

The assignment includes these prompts: Friday and/or a clean poem or dirty poem.

Ken, Carl, Lauretta, and Julie carpooled to Nan's house. Ken drove and the van was filled with the wonderful aroma of Ken's famous chili. Julie brought cheese and crackers (that Carl was certain she stayed up all night preparing, making sure each piece of cheese would fit perfectly on the crackers) and Lauretta surprised us by bringing two bottles of Toad Hollow wine! Nan made dinner rolls, and served a wonderful dessert of pie.

After lunch we read our poems about 'basking in the sun' or 'unreasoning fury.' Carl read a haiku about basking in the sun, and another poem he cleverly misinterpreted as furry instead of fury. Julie read a poem about letting the waves wash away thoughts of cleaning the house while basking on a rock. Nan's poem was about their dog who kept running away, and finally ran away for good. Lauretta shared a poem about a snake basking on a rock and a poem about being frustrated with 'a few' things in life that brought on 'unreasoning fury'. Ken read a poem about iguanas and, upon close observation, how much man and iguana are alike.

Hope to see you at the next gathering!

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