Friday, May 15, 2009

Toad Poets reach new heights...

photos by Julie Eger
The next Toad Hollow II Poet's meeting will be held at the Alpine Lake Park (north off of Hwy 21 east of Wautoma) on Tuesday, June 9, 2009 12-2 PM. Bring your own bag lunch and something to drink. Dress for the weather. The suggested assignment(s): Rewrite Nan's poem the way you would want to write it or write a poem using this prompt as the title and fill in the blank. "The problem with ______..."

Nan’s practice poem is at the end of this post.

Nan, Maxine, Barb C., Carl, Lauretta, Barbara FV, and Julie met at the Mt. Morris park on May 12, 2009. We brought our own lunches and sat for awhile getting acclimated to the spectacular view from the top of the 'mountain' and the wind. We continued with our new format of standing to read our work and then handing out copies for comments and critque. Carl read 2 haiku and then a cute, clever poem about the pleasures of dirt. Barb C. read a poem that didn't have anything to do with the assignment, but had to do with what she would like to achieve or accomplish in life. Nan read a poem about getting ready to go camping. Maxine read a poem about 'the other side' of Mother's Day when the children don't behave. Julie read a poem about spilling things on her shirt and then a poem about someone who had lost their job, watching the people who still had jobs. Barbara FV shared a poem about the ‘dirty things that get stuck on us.’ Lauretta wrote 3 poems to cover each prompt; a poem about opening night of a play, then 2 haiku.

And even though Ken couldn't be with us while we read our poems, somehow we knew, even though he was like a million miles away dodging the death grip of the Anacondas lurking nearby on the banks of the mighty Amazon as he stalked the ever elusive dragonflies, we knew he heard us, and that he approved.

Friday 1958
by Nan Gellings

into the wayback,
of the wood paneled Ford,
canvas duffel bag
with seesucker shorts,
Mickey Mouse sweatshirts,
lots of bathing suits.
Don’t need underwear.

toss in twice patched tent,
Zenith transistor,
Coleman popup stove,
faded striped beach towels,
cots for ma and pa,
five blue sleeping bags.
Don’t need umbrellas.

tartan plaid cooler,
filled with Oscar Mayers
Wonder bread, fresh eggs,
bags of marshmallows,
giant Hershey bars,
case of Dad’s rootbeer.
Don’t need milk or fruit.

the tailgate three times,
Oops, forgot the dog.
Hit the brakes, back up,
I yell, “Sparky, come!”
Ma grabs Purina.
Don’t need leash or chain.

for window space,
oldest always win.
I’m squished in between.
Everything’s ok
down the Friday road.
Don’t need the highway map.
Don’t need second call.

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