Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Toads meet when the crab apples bloom...

photo by Julie Eger
Our next meeting will be Tuesday, July 14th 12-2PM at the Alpine Lake County Park. (see previous assignment for directions.) The assignment for July is to write a poem, your choice of style, using this prompt: object. Also, bring along your revisions of Nan's poem (see previous assignment.) Bring your lunch and dress for the weather. It's Nan's turn to give a report on a poet of her choice.

Due to inclement weather, we changed our plans and met at A&W Restaurant instead of Alpine Lake Park and took turns reading our poems about, "The problem with _______." Lauretta wrote about problems with her muse. Nan wrote about a fun problem with wine. Julie wrote about the problem with husbands and another poem about exes involving bran. Carl wrote about the problem with 'being.' Barb shared a Han shan type poem about May that prompted much discussion on whether she should keep the word 'calmly' in her poem. Ken was still recovering and adjusting to life back here in the states after being gone to Ecuador and didn't have time to put together a poem relating to the prompt, but he has an idea in mind.

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