Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Second Chance!

Just an update on our group’s status at this time. There was a miscommunication as far as using the Coloma Hotel as a meeting place for our last meeting but since then I spoke to Dennis and he assured me the hotel is open every evening, and can’t for the life of him remember why he would have been closed on Tues. Oct. 20. All he asked this time is that we make a decision and let him know for sure so he can plan accordingly on his end. He said it would be no problem for a small group to meet in the lounge where it would be quieter than the bar area.
There has also been some discussion about everyone emailing each other (instead of just me) to let the other members know if you’ll be attending the meeting or not so the other members can plan accordingly on their end so you might want to send out your thoughts on that.
The next meeting is scheduled for Nov. 17 (third Tuesday) 7-9 PM at the Coloma Hotel. As far as I know, because there wasn’t a meeting last time, all of the prompts and suggestions from the September meeting still stand. The prompt is: Spoiled brat. Nan will choose a poet to report on. Ken will provide a timed assignment. If any part of this appears incorrect, please let me know.
Here are some suggestions members have brought to my attention:
1. Possibly hold the meetings at someone’s house instead of at a public place.
2. Change the meetings back to the way they were and have them during the day at a different place every time. It was fun exploring places in our county.
3. Don’t keep changing times and days as it’s too confusing to keep track of.
4. Have the group meet every other month instead of every month.
You can let me know your thoughts and I’ll tally them up and send out the results of the majority or you can email each other with your thoughts too.
I can honestly say that I won’t be able to attend meetings every month the way I used to, which grieves me to no end, but life took a turn in that direction, and maybe soon it will take a turn in another direction and I can once again attend meetings to my heart’s content.
Personally, I think the group is strong, which is amazing for our small area. I have also noticed that the group has changed. We no longer write during our meetings. Upon looking back at the blog, the last time we worked on timed writings was June 2008, at the covered bridge in Saxeville. That was one of my favorite meetings and I for one miss the writing part of the meeting. I believe it helps to eliminate the editor in our head and helps to get to core ideas quicker. I like the idea of getting into the discussion of poetry right away at the meetings, and think the 10 minute timer to keep the group on track is a good idea. I also think that if one person shows up, that person can still have a good meeting! I say that, because there have been times I have been the only one to show up for Toads, Scribblers, and also at the Waupaca Writers meeting. I personally don’t think it’s necessary for everyone to contact each other about who might show up, but I will go along with the consensus. I like the element of surprise, but then I will write if no one else is there just because I like to write!
There is an option you might think about utilizing if you want to know who will be attending. On the blog there is a section for comments at the bottom of each entry. Instead of emailing me or sending out emails to each other, you could write your information in the comment section and then just before the meeting (or before you leave for the meeting) you could check the most current entry in the blog to see if anyone left any information that is pertinent for you in the comment section. I went in and left a comment there so you can see how that works. It’s just a thought. And it’s easy to do, at least I think it is so you might want to give it a test drive first just to make sure.
I look forward to hearing from all of you, and certainly hope the next meeting goes much smoother than the last one!
Happy Writing!


Jukota said...

I might not be able to attend the meeting depending on how the day goes. Ken informed me he will be Alabama on Nov. 17!


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